At Antico we have invested heavily on developing unmatched capabilities in design, manufacturing and testing of pumps.

In house foundry operations:
antico_non_metallic_pumps_foundry_2 antico_non_metallic_pumps_foundry_1
Machining – from manual lathe, milling, drilling to CNC turning centers, Vertical Machining centers – we have it all.
antico_non_metallic_pumps_cnc_machine_1 antico_non_metallic_pumps_cnc_machine_2 antico_non_metallic_pumps_facilities_2 antico_non_metallic_pumps_facilities_3
Plastic processing – thermoset to thermoplastic and all in between.

Huge, well monitored test bench with 150 kW power. Third party calibration of all measurement instruments regularly.

Well staffed Sales & Service department. Always at your beck and call!

Best shop floor team!

Design center with advance software and prototyping facility.