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Why buy Antico Genuine Parts?

Built for Antico – by Antico

Only Antico Genuine Parts can maintain the original operating specifications of Antico pumps. Antico Genuine Parts offer perfect fit however old your pump maybe. We still provide spares for pumps sold as early as 1980. When it comes the time to service or repair your Antico pump – always settle for Antico Genuine Parts.

Antico Quality Promise

Genuine Antico Parts are manufactured to strict quality standards. All the parts are manufactured on advanced machines and put through dimensional and performance tests.

Non genuine parts cannot guarantee the same levels of precision and quality. Even the smallest dimensional variation can make a huge difference in desired hydraulic performance.

Many non-genuine parts claim to be reliable, but may not meed the engineering and material specifications. A single non-genuine part can compromise the performance of pump and can cause plant wide downtime.

Direct / Authorized Resellers
Antico parts are sold directly or through network of dealers. We do not have any other resellers than the ones listed on our website. Do not believe anyone claiming to buy or make on behalf of Antico. Do not believe anyone claiming to have worked for Antico.

We manufacture all the integral components of the pump – volute casing, impellers, casing covers, flanges, bearing housings, lanterns etc. Mechanical seals, bearings, elastomers are purchased from renowned companies.

Pump up the Volume of Profit
Don’t compromise on performance of your process / plant by buying non-genuine parts. Life time comparison of Antico Genuine Parts vs non-genuine parts show that it ends up costing almost 2-3 times more to buy non-genuine parts. Profits are wasted in costly downtime, problems in assembly, incorrect fitment and many times – an absolutely wrong part.

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