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Yellow Brigade is a novel service initiative from Antico Pumps.

It is a proactive after sales service program specifically designed to address maintenance issues of your pumps to avoid costly and unscheduled downtime. Available especially for the customers of Antico Pumps.

Yellow Brigade encourages preemptive maintenance to help make sure that your pumps run at optimum levels and offer consistent performance.

Yellow Brigade is powered by seasoned technicians and professionals, who will directly come to your facility to examine your pump operation and usage. With profound analysis, Yellow Brigade gives realistic application assistance and preventative maintenance schedule.

Next time your pumps give you hard time or for any routine health check for pumps, make sure you call our Yellow Brigade and we’ll assure high quality work and quick repair of your pumps.

Request for a visit of Yellow Brigade

Our team of experts are at your beck and call for your requirement of Spares, after Sales service, repairs, maintenance, installation.
Contact: Mr. Devendra Desai / Mr. Sanjay Mistry Phone: +91 2632 669999 / 236717 / 236462, Mobile: +91 9909928828 Email:

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EXP Series
CPP Series
PPCL Series
HE Series
ETP Self Priming Pump
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NS Series Thermoplastic Pumps
NJ Series Standard Chemical Pumps
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