Mechanical Seals Highly trained technicians are involved in the selection and installation of Teflon Bellow TB, Single Coil CPO and Double DROTT Seals. We request pump users to buy original seals from ANTICO rather than using local makes seals. Our prices are the lowest - compared to local seals. Contact us for Mechanical Seals for ANTICO pumps.  
Shaft Power Monitor cg_m20_135x205 Crompton Greaves Emotron M20 shaft power monitor protects your pumps and other equipment against damage and downtime. Early warnings allow for preventive action, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability. Using the motor as a sensor also reduces installation costs. Click here to visit CG Emotron Site or Click here for IOM/Brochure We are not authorised reseller/dealer for CG Emotron - this is purely for information purpose. However, if you would like to purchase M20 Shaft Power Monitor please Contact Sales.
Priming Chambers/Tanks Centrifugal pumps cannot transport air so they are not self priming by nature. A priming chamber / tank is used as a safety device for pump the pump at the time of start up only. It gives the pump enough liquid to start and keep pumping. There are physical limitations on the maximum suction depth that a priming tank can work. ANTICO designs and supplies priming tanks in HDPE/PP and complete fiber glass. We have done special tanks that are fluoropolymer lined as well. Contact us to know more.
Suction Strainers ANTICO provides fully molded suction strainers in Polypropylene with perforated basket for keeping foreign particles out of the pump suction. Sizes are from 25NB to 100NB. Contact us to know more.
Tools for Antico Pumps Compact tool sets for each ANTICO model. Contact us to know more.
Special Base Frames ANTICO provides 3 options in base frames. 1. Laser cut sheet metal 2. MS/SS fabricated 3. sand cast Contact us to know more.
Special Anti Corrosive Coatings To ward off environmental corrosion - special anti corrosive paints and coatings are available with ANTICO. The most common is a layer of glass fiber on all the exposed metal parts. Contact us to know more.